Becoming a Safe Organization for Children. FHI360 Child Protection Toolkit

FHI 360 developed a three-part child protection toolkit aimed at educating country program staff and the staff of local implementing partners on the fundamental aspects of child protection (CP). It is intended for everyone involved in programming for vulnerable children, from senior management staff to community volunteers. This manual, one of three that make up FHI 360’s Child Protection Toolkit, provides guidance on how to develop and put into practice institutional child protection policies and procedures. It contains tools and templates that can be easily adapted or used for reference in the development of policies and procedures. The toolkit was created because children need to be protected. It is a basic right under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Manual 1: Child Protection Basics and Manual and Manual 2:  Guidelines and Programming Options for Protecting Vulnerable Children in Community-based Care and Support Programs, can be accessed under "Related Documents"  bottom right corner of this page.



Published 2013-06-05

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