Balkans Migration and Displacement Hub Data and Trend Analysis (DATA): Regional Overview July – September 2018

Data and Trend Analysis (DATA) Refugees and Migrants at the Western Balkans Route Regional Overview, covering period July - September 2018, describes key trends in migrations in the region, detailing information about the number of people on the move, demography (age, sex, country of origin, etc), behavioral patterns, and routes in use - with a focus on children, particularly unaccompanied children.

Key trends showcased in this report:

  • Mixed migrations flows continue on the Western Balkans route. About 16,000 refugees and migrants are estimated to have arrived to the Balkans countries during the third quarter of 2018 which makes it the second most traveled migration route to Europe
  • The route through Bosnia and Herzegovina became one of the most traveled in the Western Balkans
  • More than 74,000 refugees and migrants are currently present in the Balkans countries

Children make about one-third of all refugees and migrants transiting through the Balkans with many of them traveling alone.

Published 2018-12-05

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