ARC - Critical issue Module 3: Children with disabilities

ARC - Critical issue Module 3: Children with disabilities

Despite international attention and condemnation of discrimination against people with disabilities, including adoption of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, discrimination against children with disabilities continues across the world. The underlying attitude of the community towards disability is acerbated during an emergency. An emergency can often directly or indirectly increase the number of children with disabilities or acerbate their problems.

This module does not attempt to address all areas that affect children with disabilities in depth but aims to support the development of skills and knowledge in relation to emergency aspects, and to provide information and links for facilitators and trainers who require more detailed resources and guidance.

The ARC resource pack provides information and training materials to strengthen individuals' capacity to address the causes of children's vulnerabilities, to build effective child protection systems for use in emergencies and long-term development, and to ensure that no activities inadvertently compromise children's rights or safety.

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Published 2015-03-13