Agenda de Infancia 2012-2015. Propuesta de Save the Children para la X Legislatura

This report by Save the Children Spain, launched two months before the 2011 Spanish general elections, gives an up to date analysis of the problems faced by children and adolescents in Spain. It is aimed not only at the next leader of the Spanish government, but at political parties, members of congress and other government bodies and institutions, and it provides specific proposals following the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child to promote and safeguard children's rights. Main points on the agenda to be developed are: Increased public spending on families and children (available data shows that 24,1% of minors under18 live in poverty in Spain); Increased protection from violence, abuse and exploitation (an estimated 20% of girls and 15% of boys suffer some form of sexual abuse before the age of 17); Ensuring quality public education for all children (School dropout rate in Spain is 31.2%, over twice the European average).

Published 2011-12-06

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