Advocacy Strategies Training Manual General Comment no. 10: Children's Rights in Juvenile Justice

The purpose of this training manual is to support members of civil society in planning and implementing effective advocacy work around General Comment No. 10 on Children's Rights in Juvenile Justice, with the goal of promoting and monitoring its use in their respective countries.

This manual is intended to 'train trainers' and is thus addressed to those who will be sharing their training with others. It is flexible so that trainers can choose those parts that they are interested in.

The specific objectives of the manual are:

  • to provide a model for comprehensive advocacy action plan for General Comment No. 10
  • to provide background material and training resources to launch advocacy activities
  • to present guidelines for the monitoring and evaluation of progress on juvenile justice advocacy
  • to provide practical tools and ideas for conducting an advocacy training on juvenile justice
Published 2014-07-15

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