Addressing the Issues of Non-Thai Education System in Thailand

Thailand has a long history of hosting migrants and refugees from neighbouring countries as they flee conflict and poverty. The majority of migrant children in Thailand, 61% (or 225,000) are still not in school despite the existing Education for All (EFA) policy. The 1999 Education Act guarantees the right of all children, without discrimination, to a quality education. 

If we want to achieve our education breakthrough in Thailand, getting migrant children and children from ethnic minority communities into schools is a priority. Save the Children and partners have demonstrated success in improving enrolment for vulnerable children. In the Bang Khun Tian District of Bangkok, local government, schools, and civil society have been working together to enroll migrant children in schools and ensure they learn.

This is a summary of the Save the Children “Every Last Child” Campaign launch event, a campaign aiming to ensure access to education for the most disadvantaged children in Thailand. The summary expresses the views and opinions of education experts, development partners, media, and children. The event was held on 1 June 2016 in Bangkok.

Published 2018-03-28

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Document Information