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Achieving Immediate and Lasting Change for Children, Latin America and the Caribbean: Annual Report 2014

The two most important overall issues affecting children in Latin America and the Caribbean are the large equity gaps and the high prevalence of violence. Six out of the fourteen most violent countries in the world are located in this region according the Secretary of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development Report (2011).

It is also the most unequal region in the world. Economies are growing but the increasing resources are not shared equally. According to the United Nations Development Program, equity gaps start at birth, and continue throughout the life cycle, creating exclusion and discrimination. Children in rural and poor areas, often with indigenous populations, are being left behind with limited access to education, health services and other basic rights.

Save the Children works to help the most vulnerable children through programs and advocacy work within five key areas: positive discipline and appropriate care, quality education, opportunities for adolescents, investment in children and humanitarian relief in emergencies.

Published 2015-08-10

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