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Child neglect

Deliberately, or through carelessness or negligence, failing to provide for, or secure for a child, their rights to physical safety and development. Neglect is sometimes called the ‘passive’ form of abuse in that it relates to the failure to carry out some key aspect of the care and protection of children which results in significant impairment of the child’s health or development including a failure to thrive emotionally and socially.

Evidence is usually needed of persistent or severe neglect (repeated failures or a failure that is in itself so serious that it severely endangers the child).

Neglect includes abandonment, the failure to properly supervise and protect children from harm as much as is feasible, the deliberate failure to carry out important aspects of care which results or is likely to result in harm to the child, the deliberate failure to provide medical care or carelessly exposing a child to harm for examples can amount to neglect.

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