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                                                  Égalité des genres

                                                  Gender equality is a basic right for all people, including girls, boys and young people. Including equity and equality among and between girls, boys and young people is at the heart of the UNCRC and is key for the full realization of children’s rights. Hence, Save the Children believes that it is critical to directly address gender discrimination and promote gender equality in order to advance its vision for a world where every child attains their equal right to survival, protection, development, and participation. Save the Children’s programming, campaigns, advocacy and organization are founded on its global essential standards, in full-spectrum, to be gender-sensitive at the minimum and gender-transformative whenever possible. This sub-page in the Resource Centre aims to serve as a knowledge hub about our organization’s global works on advancing gender equality. Gender Sensitive: when the different needs, abilities, and opportunities of boys and girls, and men and women, are identified, considered and accounted for. Gender transformative: when one uses a gender sensitive approach and advance gender equality while working with key stakeholders to identify, address and positively transform the root-causes of the gender inequalities.

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