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                                                  Migration and Displacement

                                                  Mixed migration and forced displacement are amongst the defining issues of the twenty-first century, attracting unprecedented interest amongst politicians, policy makers, international organizations, and the general public. In 2019, UNICEF estimates that there were 33 million child migrants, with a further 17 million children internally displaced by conflict or violence and 29 million refugees and asylum seekers, over half of whom were children. Behind these staggering numbers are children too often affected by poverty, discrimination, violence, economic or sexual exploitation and who face intense uncertainty as regards their futures. Save the Children’s goal is that all children, regardless of immigration status, are treated as children first and foremost. We work with migrant and displaced children, trafficked children and those who live and work on the streets in many contexts across the world. Formerly referred to as ‘Children on the Move’, our programmes seek to ensure that these children have equal access to quality services, can enjoy their rights and build a positive future for themselves.

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