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Youth Participation Best Practices Toolkit: Part I

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Save the Children

This is the first part of the Youth Participation Toolkit, coordinated by Save the Children. A central element of Save the Children’s Child Rights Programming guidelines is to ensure the participation of children and young people. Participation enables children and youth to influence the actions and decisions affecting their lives and empowers them to advocate for their rights. This toolkit focuses on social and civic empowerment because numerous other manuals are available that cover economic empowerment.

It contains tools, methods, tips, exercises, and training workshops for improving youth participation. The Education for Youth Empowerment (EYE) programme targets a relatively wide age group, 12 – 24 year olds, in various countries. The toolkit is rather generic so prospective users have to consider wheater tips, tools, methods, and exercises are appropriate for their intended context, culture, and age group before applying them.

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