Youth Empowerment Bulgari Project – Annual Report Bulgari 2020

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Save the Children

An innovative program to empower deprived adolescents and youth (aged 12-22) in four countries around the world (Albania, Bolivia, Nepal and Uganda) to achieve their full potential by enhancing their soft skills, building their capacities and improving their economic conditions. The overall aim of YEB is to ‘empower young people to lead the development of their communities and breaking the cycle of poverty. YEB has multiple thematic foci (literacy learning, vocational skilling, health, civic engagement and livelihood -VSLA) which has enabled it to expand its involvement in activities with a wide number of actors at multiple institutional levels. The YEB Model aims at supporting AYs through four pillars, namely:1) Personal development; 2) Education and training 3) Economic empowerment and 4) building an Enabling Environment by reaching out to different stakeholders such as the youth’s family and community, local institutions, services and the private sector. It is a strong example of programming that works with adolescents to develop empowerment facilitating them to advocate for themselves.

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