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A world without violence against children: Children and Young People’s Voices and Recommendations for the Post 2015 Agenda

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Save the Children

Save the Children has compiled and shared the views of children and young people around the world and their vision for the post-2015 Agenda.  This report summarises their findings and emphasises that the prevention and response to violence against children is crucial to their survival, development and participation in society.  More than 12,000 children and young people from diverse backgrounds between the age of 8 to 17, have been actively involved in face to face consultations on the post 2015 agenda from across 70 countries covering every region of the world.

 The report highlights that girls and boys most want to end:

 – Physical and humiliating punishment in homes, schools, care institutions and other settings

– Sexual violence and abuse in homes, schools, care institutions and other settingsHarmful child work

– Child marriage, trafficking and other harmful practices

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