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Working with preschool children – Empowering Caregivers: Raising Awareness in Mothers and Fathers. e-Toolkit on Early Childhood

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Terre des Hommes

‘Empowering Caregivers: Raising Awareness in Mothers and Fathers’ is an e-Toolkit developed by Terre des Hommes Italy as a result of two years working with preschool children in the Gaza Strip. The e-Toolkit is directed at professionals who would like to explore how principles of Early Child Development (ECD) – especially those focusing on preschool children – can be turned into projects and activities, this publication provides a series of working tools that can be used to address some of the recurring issues when dealing with preschoolers. The Booklet illustrates a variety of developmentally appropriate parenting practices for preschool children and describes a series of awareness activities on Early Child Development directed at parents. Such activities could be implemented by any professional (social workers, nurses, teachers, paediatricians, etc.) who are in contact with parents of preschool children.

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