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Working with Community-Based Child Protection Committees and Networks: Handbook for facilitators

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CPWG, The Child Protection Working Group

As children remain exposed to conflict, violence, neglect and abuse in various parts of Sudan, Community-Based Child Protection Committees and Networks (CBCNs) are essential to mobilize community responses, enhance referrals, raise awareness on child rights, and ensure communities take part in creating a protective environment for children. This Handbook was developed under the guidance of the Child Protection Working Group in Sudan in a joint effort to help move forward the system-strengthening agenda in the country. It is designed to assist programme and field staff in the establishment, capacity building and support of CBCNs with their child protection work. Divided into eight technical sections, the Handbook guides you through the following topics:

  1. Introduction to child protection
  2. Child development and child participation
  3. Children’s rights and legal situation
  4. Roles and responsibilities and community based child protection
  5. Mobilizing communities to protect children
  6. Communicating with children and communities
  7. Assessing the situation and protection needs of children
  8. Skills for facilitating trainings and group work with communities.

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