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Working with children and their environment. Psychosocial Reference Document

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Terre des Hommes

For Terre des hommes (Tdh), psychosocial support is any relation with the child that strengthens his/her wellbeing and ability to cope. This encompasses different and simultaneous activities at child, family, community and government levels. The target audience for this reference document are Tdh managers at programme, country and headquarters levels, but it may also be used by donors, partners and government agencies. The main objectives are:

  • Define Tdh’s operating framework for psychosocial support and thereby constitute its policy;
  • clarify the concepts of ‘psychosocial approach’ and ‘psychosocial intervention;
  • Give examples of psychosocial support in other areas of work;
  • Frame Tdh psychosocial interventions according to the level of expertise available.
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