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What Works To End Violence Against Children? Seven things we have learned

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World Vision International

Violence against children affects more than 1.7 billion children every year, in every community and every country. Children are being subjected to violence in their communities, schools and homes – the very places they should feel the most secure and safe. Violence is devastating for children, affecting their health, obstructing their education and diminishing their chances for a life free from poverty and discrimination. The impact of violence goes beyond the individual children, affecting families and communities, slowing economic development and eroding human and social capital. 

It does not have to be this way. 

Through our experience, we have learned some big lessons:

  1. It can be done

  2. It takes a world

  3. There is no magic wand

  4. Context is key

  5. Big picture, little picture

  6. It takes children

  7. Scaling up

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