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Plan International,Save the Children,War Child

Save the Children, Plan and War Child Holland have been working in partnership to create the “What is…” series, which consists of a number of information leaflets on various issues related to children’s rights. These information leaflets will be especially useful for adults working with children, teachers, older children, adolescents, youth and young people who are considering ways to get involved in, and to influence international or UN related processes. The leaflets are a way to learn and build a greater understanding and awareness about some of the things that happen at the global/international level, and they deal with the following timely topics: WHAT IS?…Children’s Participation; WHAT IS?…the United Nations; WHAT IS?…the UN General Assembly; WHAT IS?…a Convention and a Treaty; WHAT IS?…the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; WHAT IS?…a Special Representative; WHAT IS?…an Omnibus Resolution; WHAT IS?…the Security Council; WHAT IS?…A Complaints Procedure for the CRC; and WHAT IS?…the Human Rights Council. This particular leaflet explains the core functions and responsibilities of the Human Rights Council which focus on preventing discrimination and abuses, finding ways to deal with discrimination and abuses when they happen, and protecting the people who are most in danger and at risk of discrimination and abuse.

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