What do we know about economic strengthening for family reintegration of separated children?

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The CPC Network, Child Protection in Crisis

This report looks at economic strengthening (ES) approaches used in family reintegration programs to capture lessons learned. It outlines common ES approaches, their advantages and disadvantages; offers case studies of innovative models; and recommends key principles for improved programming, monitoring and the building of an evidence base. Given the scarcity of academic literature on ES in family reintegration efforts, the authors relied on semi-structured interviews with experienced practitioners and a review of “gray literature,” including program reports and tools employed in the field.

This document has collected lessons learned from humanitarian- and development-context ES interventions, across various categories of separated children, contexts, and across agencies. The authors provide a range of suggestions for both governments as well as stakeholders on how to best build ES programs and their capacity. They also emphasize the need for more structured research on ES approaches.

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