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What is… The Children’s Rights and Business Principles Initiative? (CRBPI). Questions and Answers for children and adolescents

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Save the Children Sweden,UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

This paper has been prepared to support you, children and adolescents, to better understand how business affects your lives, families, communities and also your rights. Within these pages you will also learn about the ‘Children’s Rights and Business Principles Initiative’ (CRBI), the first comprehensive set of global standards for child-friendly business practices, developed by Save the Children Sweden together with the UN Global Compact and Unicef. 

Here you will find out more about what children’s rights are, what is meant by the term ‘children’s participation’, and the impact of business on the rights of children.  You will also find answers to simple and basic questions about the Principles and at the end there is a list of key words to help you understand the terms used throughout this resource.

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