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What Can HEA Do for You: Forecast-based action

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Save the Children

Since 2012, Save the Children has been investing in ‘early action’ and forecast-based contingency planning. This means intervening in response to forecasted need, before a situation develops into a crisis. It involves understanding who to target and when, and with what kind of support. HEA was originally designed as a tool for early warning. Seasonal information on rainfall, crops and prices, which tends to be routinely collected by government systems, along with information on livestock and labour and self-employment opportunities, are used in conjunction with baseline data to indicate which wealth groups within a population are likely to face a deficit of how much and when. Combined with population data, the analysis allows for an estimate of the number of people that will need assistance to protect livelihoods and/or prevent extreme hunger, and the total food or cash equivalent required and of the months when it will be needed.

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