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What Are We Learning About Protecting Children in the Community? An inter-agency review of the evidence on community-based child protection mechanisms in humanitarian and development settings

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Save the Children International

The aim of this evaluation synthesis is to provide a review and summary of the available global evidence on community based child protection groups and their impact on children’s protection and well-being. It is guided by a Reference Group consisting of representatives of the Displaced Children and Orphans Fund (DCOF) of USAID, Oak Foundation, PULIH, International Save the Children Alliance, UNICEF, and World Vision. Save the Children UK is the lead agency overseeing the review.

Community-based child protection mechanisms are at the forefront of efforts to address child protection in emergencies, transitional, and development contexts worldwide. The mobilization of such grassroots groups has become a common programming response in many settings, particularly in areas affected by armed conflict or displacement.

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