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Save the Children International

We Can! is inspired by the artwork, messages, and recommendations of children in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon about their dreams for girls in their community. This is part of a collaboration called #DreamsBetweenMyEyes, between Save the Children International and The Orenda Tribe, to support children to speak up on girls’ rights.  

We worked with children in a series of artivism (art + activism) workshops and asked them about the challenges for girls in their community, what they would like to change, who they would want to support them, what superpowers they would have to do that, and what future they would like to see. We Can! is inspired by the outcomes of this workshop and we hope you are inspired by it too.  

This story is about five girls, inspired by the children who took part in our workshops, who decide to take action in their community on violence against girls and girls empowerment. You will follow them through their journey as they discover the support they need from decision-makers and their community in order to make change happen. You will also meet a superhero who the girls enlist to help them achieve their goals and achieve their dreams. You can read more about your rights as a child on pages 36 and 37.  

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Awareness raising

Child participation

Early marriage

Gender-based violence (GBV)


Women's and girls' empowerment

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