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Ways to promote education and training in disarmament and non-proliferation at all levels of formal and informal education

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Report of the Secretary-General to the 65th Session of the General Assembly on the Implementation of the Recommendations of the 2002 UN Study on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation at all levels of formal and informal education. The General Assembly by its resolution 63/70 of December 2010 requested the Secretary-General “to prepare a report reviewing the results of the implementation of the recommendations (of the UN Study) and possible new opportunities for promoting disarmament and non-proliferation education, and to submit it to the General Assembly at its sixty-fifth session”. Three implementation reports have previously been published, A/59/178 and Addenda 1 and 2, A/61/69 and Addendum 1, and A/63/158 and Addendum 1

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