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Voices for Change: Children on Community Radio

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Save the Children

Child participation in radio has been facilitated by Save the Children’s Child Rights Governance Team in Bangladesh since 2014, in partnership with two community radio stations. Participating children were facilitated in building their capacity in radio and to create a media platform for their participation. A small group of children from a marginalized community were provided with the technical skills to raise their voices to be heard by the local government actors.

The aim was to provide a platform for children to be heard by the community, service providers and decision makers to respond to the children’s needs and concerns. The children’s voices are now featured and the voice of government actors, children and communities are also heard at the same time to improve the accountability of the local government. In addition, access to radio increased children’s access to Government actors to advocate for their rights.

This publication is part of a collection of 8 leaflets on Policy, Rights and Governance programming in Bangladesh:

The leaflets are:

  1. Voices for Change: Children on Community Radio
  2. Communities Fit for Children: Child Friendly Local Governance
  3. Standing Up for Action: Protesting Violence Against Children
  4. Speaking Up for Rights: Child Parliaments
  5. Democracy in Action: The Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights
  6. Money Matters: Financial Inclusion for Street and Working Children
  7. Doing More, Doing Better: Social Protection for Adolescent Girls
  8. KOLOROB: A “Clamour” for Change in Urban Slums
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