Violence against children in Ehiopia: In their words

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African Child Policy Forum,Save the Children Sweden

Violence against children remains a pervasive, but largely ignored issue in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa. This is certainly the case in Ethiopia, where children regularly face humiliating physical punishment and psychological abuse at home, in school and in the community-at-large.
The African Child Policy Forum considers violence against children an important area of concern for those involved with the protection of children and the creation of an Africa truly fit for children. If there is to be a prosperous, peaceful Africa of laws and solidarity, it must start at home and there must be a change to the way children are treated.
The Forum has initiated a major programme of work on violence against children that combines research, advocacy and policy dialogue. One outcome of this programme is a major research study into the nature of the problem in Ethiopia in collaboration with Save the Children Sweden. The results of this study are available in three parts:
i) Ending Physical and Humiliating Punishment against Children: Ethiopia (separately published by Save the Children Sweden)
(ii) Stick, Stones and Brutal Words: The Violence Against Children in Ethiopia
(iii) This current publication, Violence Against Ethiopian Children: In Their Words
These three studies come together to give only a glimpse of the nature and extent of the very different forms of violence that Ethiopian children face.

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