Violence against children in the Caribbean region. Regional Assessment

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

In Latin America and the Caribbean, violence transcends cultural borders, class differences, education, ethnic origin or age, and threatens or even kills thousands of children and adolescents. A large part of this violence, which includes physical, sexual and psychological violence, discrimination and abandonment, remains hidden and is occasionally socially sanctioned. The report points to some worrying trends that are occurring and impacting on children throughout the region. Available data on the extent of child abuse and neglect, indicate that the problem is very serious in the Caribbean region and that large numbers of children are believed to be affected. Country specific information on 16 countries in the Caribbean region has been produced for the purposes of the present regional report. The report also summarizes the main findings, conclusions and recommendations of the country studies providing a better understanding of the level and impact of violence against children, as well as the causes and factors contributing to the violence.

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