Vi ser bare toppen av isfjellet: Kommuners kriminalitetsforebyggende arbeid med barn og ungdoms nettrisikoer

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Save the Children Norway

A key finding in this report was that, because children and young people’s online contacts and activities are inaccessible to adults working with them, municipal employees find it difficult to uncover the risks that young people face and expose each other to. Municipalities play a central role in crime prevention work. This report investigates how municipalities involve online risks in their crime prevention work with children and young people. We have asked questions about what activities were carried out in schools, in welfare services and preventive police to monitor such online risks. How criminal offences were managed and followed up falls outside the scope of this report.

Key issues addressed in this report are:

  • What online risks could lead to criminal offences?
  • What kind of measures and activities were implemented to provide children and young people with better structure, more support and guidance in managing online risks?
  • Were online risks for children and young people mentioned in municipal action plans aimed at preventing crime, and what measures and activities addressed online risks?
  • What did municipal staff think could be done to include online risks in crime prevention work? 
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