Vårt Jordbro: Närmiljö ur ungdomars perspektiv

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Save the Children Sweden

How do children experience their immediate surroundings and their residential area? This question formed the basis of the study “Vårt Jordbro” (Our Jordbro). Save the Children utilized Article 12 of the UN CRC, which emphasizes the child’s right to participate in those issues that concern them. It is hoped that this study will act as a model for a dialogue between children, politicians, city planners and other adults.

The 180 students in grades six through eight, from Jordbromalm’s school, each received a questionnaire with questions on issues concerning security and identity. They also received a large aerial photo of Jordbo, upon which they were requested to mark those places where they felt the most secure, where their friends lived, and much more. The results were compiled into a new map of Jordbro, where children’s feelings and evaluations had a direct impact on the formation of a new topographic map.

A detailed presentation of the study’s approach and methodology can be found here.

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