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Vägen ut från familjevåld

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Kvinnojouren Stina

Each year thousands of women and girls fall victim to threats, violence and oppression in close relationships, and in the name of honour. Very few victims report domestic violence to authorities or seek help, in many cases due to a lack of knowledge about Swedish society and its laws. “Vägen ut från familjevåldet” contains information about violence and abuse in close relationships, honour-related violence, and women’s rights in Swedish society. Primarily intended to support Arabic speaking women and girls, the book provides concrete advice on the options and services that can help abused women and their children, and how to cope with the post break-up process. It includes a quick help guide for victims of domestic violence or abuse, which is divided into the following key sections: 1) Where to turn for help and support; 2) Support through community based mechanisms and authorities; 3) The mechanisms of the cycle of violence; 4) A background information on honour-related violence; 5) Police reports and legal proceedings; 6) Divorce and child custody; 7) Child marriage and forced marriages; 8) Laws to protect women’s and children’s rights in Swedish society; 9) Protective measures; 10) Economy; 11) Preventive work to combat forced marriages; and, the main conclusions.

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