Vacciner Chaque Enfant: Assurer l’immunisation pour tous par le financement intégral de Gavi

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Save the Children UK

Remarkable progress has been made in the world to save children’s lives  – in just over twenty years, infant mortality rates have been cut in half. Despite these advances, 6.3 children died due to treatable or preventable causes in 2013.  Investing in immunization is essential to reach the global goal of preventing all treatable causes of childhood deaths. Ensuring that children receive basic vaccines through access to health services is the first step to reduce infant mortality. 

In January 2015, the Vaccine Alliance Gavi, will hold a conference on how to raise 7.5 billion dollars in funding for vaccines. This presents a special opportunity to establish the necessary foundations to address inequalities and injustices in child health.

This report by Save the Children and the ACT partnership demonstrates the merits for full funding of Gavi’s 2016-2020 strategy to save 5 million children. We are asking Gavi, beneficiary governments, sector partners, and donors to turn this strategy into effective action.

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