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User’s Guide: How to prepare the “Safe Work For Youth” materials for local use

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ILO, International Labour Organization

These materials are part of an ILO initiative to promote the safety of young people under age 18 who are engaged in legal employment, but who would otherwise be considered as child labour if their work poses notable risk to their health, safety or morals. The Safe Work for Youth kit is designed for those who work with or on behalf of older children: programme planners, project managers, vocational training institutions, workers’ representatives and partner agencies. It particularly encourages action on the part of trade unions and employers’ associations by offering guidance and suggestions on how to avoid situations which might constitute child labour. The Safe Work for Youth kit is in three parts: a) reference materials for administrators, b) “Keep Them Safe” (materials for employers) and c) “Stay Safe” (materials for youth). The latter are best used as a training aid, whether in groups or one-on-one. The pamphlets and fact sheets are in template form because — in order to be most effective — they need to be adapted to local conditions and translated into the language that people ordinarily use. This “Users’ Guide” was developed to help you make these adaptations.  

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