Ungdomar och hedersrelaterat våld. Om transkulturellt behandlingsarbete

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Save the Children Sweden

‘Ungdomar och hedersrelaterat våld’ – ‘Adolescents and honour-related violence’ – Young people are victims of honour-related violence and repression in our society. They have one foot in the family’s past and culture while the other is headed in a new direction, the Swedish teenage culture. They try to balance the contradiction of both cultures. To be able to work with the boys and girls who are at risk of violence and oppression in the name of honour, it is imperative to have good knowledge of adolescent development and family dynamics, and to take on a transcultural approach which promotes the understanding of interaction between cultures. Interacting with children from various cultural backgrounds enhances the qualities of caring and competence of the professionals working with these children, such as school nurses, teachers, school counselors, youth centre staff and social workers.

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