Under Siege: The devastating impact on children of three years of conflict in Syria

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

This report presents information and personal stories on the current state of Syria’s children. The three year long conflict within Syria has had a perilous impact on the quality of life of not only adults, but especially children.

“Today, [children] are living through the most damaging conflict…in the region’s recent history. More than 5.5 million Syrian children now see their future besieged by war. It is estimated there are up to one million children who live under siege and in hard-to-reach areas that UNICEF and other humanitarian partners cannot access on a regular basis.”

One in ten Syrian children, over 1.2 million, have fled Syria and live as refugees in neighboring countries.  This children struggle to receive basic care, education, and safety. 

The report ends with information on everyone can make this be “the last year of suffering”. 

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