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Turkmenistan Child-Friendly School Initiative: Evaluation Report March 2014

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

Since 2006, UNICEF has been working in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan on the introduction of the ‘Child-Friendly School’ (CFS) concept in Turkmenistan. This requires the elimination of all barriers to learning and schools that are characterized by: proactively inclusive and child-seeking; academically effective for every child; gender-sensitive; healthy, safe, and protective; working in close partnership with parents and the community; and supported by strong leadership and management practices.

This report evaluates the CFS initiative’s progress in Turkmenistan, which is found to be highly relevant and widely accepted and implemented in schools beyond the 26 model schools. The report concludes with recommendations for further refinement and development of the programme and curriculum. 

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