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Training of Care Caseworkers and Foster Carers

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IRC, International Rescue Committee

This multi-module training series for care caseworkers and foster carers includes specific guidance on:

  1. Child Rights and Child Protection 
  2. Legal and Welfare System for Children in Haiti
  3. Care Placement Process, Roles & Responsibilities
  4. Child Development
  5. Psychosocial Support
  6. The Effects of Fear, Separation and Grief on Children
  7. Working with Children with Health or Disability Issues 
  8. Identifying Separated Children in Need of Care
  9. Assessing Children’s Care Needs
  10. Placement and Developing Care Plans
  11. Monitoring & Supporting Care Placements
  12. Undertaking Best Interest Determinations and Permanency Planning
  13. Preparing the Child for Reunification or Long‐ term Care Placements.

The training includes a companion document with notes for the facilitators for each module.  

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