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Traditional Games for Child Protection – Terre des hommes

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Terre des Hommes

A handbook of games developed out of experience gained by organisers and trainers of the Terre des hommes MOVE project in Romania, Moldavia and Albania. This booklet is aimed to strengthen youngsters’ life skills of cooperation, responsibility, flexibility, empathy, etc., and develop their capacity for resilience and self-protection. It includes an introduction summarising the benefit of games in child protection, the benefits of traditional games, general skills developed through playing games, as well as a final chapter for each game containing questions connected directly with the subject of protection. Facilitators in all countries will find an illustration of each game, a description of how to play it, the physical, emotional and mental objectives, advice on organisation, as well as the right questions to draw out feedback at the end of the game so as to encourage the maximum of participation from the children and their freedom of expression.

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