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A Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating Children’s Participation: A 10-step guide to monitoring and evaluating children’s participation. Booklet 4

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Save the Children

This booklet provides a 10-step guide to help you undertake a participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process, with children and other key stakeholders. It supports planning for and practical implementation of Booklet 3 How to measure the scope, quality and outcomes of children’s participation. It offers guidance to support children, young people and other stakeholders to identify relevant objectives and indicators against which to measure progress. It also provides guidance to support systematic data collection, documentation and analysis of the monitoring and evaluation findings.

This booklet takes you through each of the 10 steps you will need to follow to undertake participatory monitoring and evaluation of children’s participation in the programme concerned. Throughout, you will find case studies from the organisations that piloted the toolkit to give you more insights into how you can approach the different stages.There is also an appendix that gives definitions of some of the main words and phrases used in monitoring and evaluation.

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