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Toolkit for Infant and Young Child Feeding Counseling Services: A social franchise model

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Alive & Thrive

Alive & Thrive is an initiative to improve infant and young child feeding practices by increasing rates of exclusive breastfeeding and improving complementary feeding practices

This toolkit includes a brief description of resources in various formats on the Mat Troi Be Tho (MTBT) social franchise model; manuals and guidelines for the design, implementation, promotion, supervision, and monitoring of the MTBT social franchises; and job aids and client materials. Although designed specifically for use in MTBT health facilities and for training those who will be involved in providing and promoting these services, the resources and tools will be of interest to anyone who wants to improve the quality of delivery of infant and young child feeding services.

Program designers and managers, trainers, supervisors, counselors, monitors, and communication specialists will find tools that can be readily adapted to their context. All resources can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the links.

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