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Time for Change. Working with young people to stop violence (For 14 to 17 years)

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Save the Children

The Time for Change – the time to stop violence against children – is now. Making a world safe for children should be done together with children. This comic has been specifically designed for children aged 14-17 years, and will be useful to parents, carers, teachers and other professionals working with children. The comic informs children about violence against children and what Save the Children is doing to keep children safe. It also tells how children have been involved in stopping and responding to various forms of violence. All the stories presented are based on real life examples which have been adapted for children. The idea is to inspire children to further participate in Save the Children’s proteciton work and to take their own actions to stop violence against children.

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Child abuse

Child safety

Children's rights

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Violence against children

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