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“Through My Eyes” Stories: Photography workshops in child-friendly community spaces in Ecuador

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Save the Children

Children and adolescents are a population segment that is vulnerable by nature. But after a natural event, such as the earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16, 2016, with its epicentre on the Ecuadorian coast– this vulnerability was heightened.

Following the catastrophe, Save the Children established emotional healing for the population, especially children and adolescents, as one of its priority activities. Thus, within the humanitarian response programme, SCI worked hard in the field of protection by developing recreational, leisure and emotional support activities, based on the creation of Child-Friendly Community Spaces. These are areas remodeled or constructed by the organization and the members of each community, with a core focus on children and adolescents. In these Child-Friendly Community Spaces, little by little children resumed their day-to-day activities, learned about their rights, and enjoyed a space especially meant for them. 

The report is available in English and Spanish, there is also video about the project in Spanish (included below).


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