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The impact of food and nutritional crisis on children in Burkina Faso and Niger

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Save the Children West and Central Africa

The Humanitarian needs in the Central Sahel region are growing much faster than the response capacity, with the region experiencing multiple complex and protracted humanitarian crises. The crisis impacting the region is often referred to a “forgotten crisis”. Each year, countries in Central Sahel see increasing numbers of people, including children, affected by the food and nutrition crisis. In 2022, the region experienced the worst food and nutrition crisis to date with 7.34 million people facing Crisis or worse (CH Phase 3 or above) levels of food insecurity.
According to the study, 68% of respondents in Burkina Faso and Niger believe that the war in Ukraine has contributed to higher prices of agricultural products. In addition, in both Burkina Faso and Niger, climate change (increased flooding in Niger and drought conditions in BurkinaFaso) has jeopardized the way of life for local people because of the inaccessibility of pastureland.

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