Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS) Compendium: Design and practice in emergencies

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UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund

Temporary Learning Spaces is a compendium to be used in design and practice in emergencies. (This paper is a working Draft 0 for revision). The compendium consists of four sections: Section A describe what a Temporary Learning Space (TLS) is and when and how it should be build (costs, time, material, stakeholders) this includes also maintenance. Section B describes design guidance including site selection, basic planning, thermal comfort, ventilation, shading and site selection. Section C is an overview of case studies worldwide e.g. Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China and Haiti. Section D is a description of innovative practices with examples. The purpose of the guidelines is to support UNICEF staff, NGO’s and partners in education to take practical steps to establish and run TLS. The audience for the paper is UNICEF staff but also NGOs, other UN organisations, local and governmental authorities and field staff working with education after emergencies.

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