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Teachers’ Handbook for Inclusive School Health and Nutrition

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Brien Holden Vision Institute,LSHTM, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,PCD, The Partnership for Child Development,Sightsavers,The World Bank Group

Education is a primary driver of economic and societal development, and has a great return on both an individual and societal level. However, an isolated focus on education will not lead to immediate prosperity, governments and the educational sector must also consider health beside education.

Health is very connected to educational outcomes. Students who are healthy, not suffering from diseases, and receive the right nutrition are better able to participate and succeed in school. Programs targetting school health, both in terms of ensuring a safe environment and educating student and teachers about health, can lead to quantifiable educational outcomes. Healthy students miss school less and experience better cognitive development.

This manual by Sightsavers and the Partnership for Child Development is intended as a teacher’s guide for planning and delivering integrated School Health and Nutrition initiatives. It provides materials for classroom-oriented activities aimed at teaching children how to lead healthy lives.


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