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Talleres sobre Sexualidad, Paternidad y Cuidado con Hombres Jóvenes. Manual con perspectiva de género y masculinidades para Facilitadores y Facilitadoras

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EME,Fundación CulturaSalud

 “Talleres sobre sexualidad, paternidad y cuidado con hombres jóvenes” or “Workshops on Sexuality, Fatherhood and Care with Young Men,” aims to be a training tool for facilitators to work with adolescent boys and young men around the themes of sexuality, fatherhood and care.   This Manual is part of a series of educational material produced in the framework of Programme H (engaging young men in gender equality),  which seeks to engage young men and their communities in critical reflections about rigid norms related to manhood, and Programme P (Fatherhood – Parenting programmes),  an intervention for existing and expectant fathers, to prevent violence against children and pregnant women, and to promote men’s involvement in maternal and child health.  

This Manual, developed by Fundación CulturaSalud/EME  with support from UNFPA,  includes activities and themes designed to fit the Chilean context.

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