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Sustainable Livelihoods Community Led Conservation Project Baseline Report

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The baseline study sought to establish and document the status quo, to which attribution of the project can be measured during mid-term and end line of the project life cycle, determine the challenges faced by families living in the coastal communities of Pujehun and Bonthe districts of Sierra Leone through assessing the knowledge levels and skills in conservation and environmental protection, multidimensional poverty levels, levels of alternative, environmentally friendly livelihoods, and current support for local-level conservation action. Furthermore, the baseline established the current conservation practices of targeted coastal communities’ ecosystems, the amount of resilience (absorptive, adoptive, and transformative) the communities have as well as their wellbeing amid the effects of climate change. This baseline was conducted with direct beneficiaries in the 12 project communities: 6 in Pujehun Districts (Bengani, Talia, Taninahun, Mosineh, Kassay and Bomi-hills) and 6 in Bonthe District (Momaya, Kegbay, York Island, Mo-Albert, Mbawalihun and Gondorma). These included Community Authorities, Men, Women, Children, Youths and School Management Committee Members, and other government line ministries related to the project.

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