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Supporting Local Civil Society Organisations: Capacity building for child rights defenders

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Save the Children International

The Association “LAN” (Learning Activity Network) is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, civic organization that operates since 2015, on the principles of impartiality, independence, humanity and voluntariness. Through its work and activities, they advocate for democratic development of the society, tolerance, coexistence and respect for human rights. and civil liberties of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Save the Children began working with LAN in 2018, supporting in organizational capacity development, including capacity building of staff, which were only 5 at the time.

Throughout the partnership, Save the Children in NWB has built close working relations with LAN, developing and strengthening their capacities to work for and with children in advocating for children’s rights, while acting as a watch dog to hold local and national duty bearers accountable on child rights issues. Various opportunties and capacity building is provided both for organisational (i.e. finance, anti-harassment, team building, etc.) and programmatic issues, specifically support in thematic areas – Child Protection, Child Participation and Child Rights Governance.

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