Study Guide: Protection of children during infectious disease outbreaks

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The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

This study guide is a companion to Guidance Note: Protection of Children during Infectious Disease Outbreaks, which provides humanitarian child protection practitioners with guidance on how to engage in responses to infectious disease outbreaks to ensure children’s protection needs are taken into account in preparedness for, and during responses to, the outbreaks.

The purpose of the Study Guide is to increase learning, facilitate contextualization, and maximize one of practitioners’ most precious commodities: time. The format uses a Q&A approach to highlight essential points and encourage deeper understanding and use. Throughout the Study Guide are “Putting it into Practice” scenarios designed to help you move beyond mere academic understanding and into real-world application. The scenarios offer you the opportunity to integrate your existing expertise with the potentially unfamiliar material in the Guidance Note.

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Epidemics, pandemics, and outbreaks of contagious disease

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