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Strengthening Health Systems to Protect Children’s Rights in Times of Public Health Emergencies

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Save the Children Europe,Save the Children International

While millions of children are denied the right to survive, learn and be protected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, current discussions on pandemic preparedness fail to address their needs and rights. Children’s rights to health, education and protection do not end in times of emergency. To build forward better, we need to invest in resilient and shock-responsive national and global health systems set up to deliver for children. Health systems must be prepared to face and address the consequences of ongoing and future crises on children, with a focus on delivering for those most impacted by inequality and discrimination. This can be achieved through robust primary health care systems and by working across sectors to protect children from health crises and their devastating impacts on all aspects of children’s lives. Only then children can be protected against on-going and emerging threats.

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