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Strengthening Families and Preventing Separation

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BCN, Better Care Network

In many cases, family separation and recourse to alternative care can be avoided through the delivery of community-based social and family support services. A key challenge in many countries and contexts is ensuring these services are available, accessible and relevant to families at high risk of separation, particularly those located in remote rural areas.

Towards addressing this challenge, Cambodian Children’s Trust piloted a Holistic Family Preservation Program in rural Cambodia. In this video, you’ll hear from Sophorn Ngath as he shares some of the key learning from their pilot phase.

Sophorn explores the impact recruitment of locally-based social workers had on the efficacy of risk identification and analysis and how this affected the sustainability of outcomes for families. He also discusses the importance of building strong relationships with families and why CCT has moved towards a strengths-based approach to social work.

This video is part of a series of practitioner learning videos from Cambodia.

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